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The Crew

Meet some of the members of M1 Racing

The Pro Mazda Championship

The Pro Mazda Championship presented by Cooper Tires is the new name for the Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear, a series which developed young open-wheel talent for 22 years.


The Mazda Road to Indy

The Mazda Road to Indy is a program launched by IndyCar in 2010 that groups several developmental racing series together in order to groom young drivers for careers in the IZOD Indy- Car Series and the Indianapolis 500.




After many years as the manager of a successful, championship-winning Star Mazda team, Paul Mata formed M1 Racing at the end of the 2012 season to compete in Pro Mazda, the new name for the series. He hand-picked veterans who have worked extremely well together in the past and bring literally hundreds of years of experience to the table.

M1 Racing is a multi-car team, as it fields up to four Pro Mazda cars at each event. It is also able to compete in other series as opportunities develop.

Mata knows exactly what it takes to run a successful team because he's worked in many different positions in the past as he worked his way up through the sport. He is a hard worker and a fair person who lives by the Golden Rule. Team members feel free to make suggestions and the entire team is committed to doing the best job possible. Under Mata's guidance the cars are prepared as well as humanly possible.

Each member of the team is pleased to be helping develop drivers who want to reach the highest levels of the sport. Racing is a team sport, and when a driver reaches the podium so do all the people who helped get him there. M1 Racing's personnel win when their drivers win.

M1 Racing is very pleased with its association with Jay Horak, who brought the new team its first championship in its very first season when he won the Pro Mazda series' Expert class title in 2013.  Horak also owns Star Race Cars, which manufactures all the cars that are used in the Pro Mazda championship.

M1 Racing is based in Dallas. The climate in Texas is conducive to testing most of the year, and the team takes advantage of that with various tests at nearby Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, Texas and Eagles' Canyon Raceway in Slidell, Texas, among other facilities.

The Pro Mazda series is an international stage, and members of M1 Racing speak Spanish and French in addition to the team's standard English.